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Jill Kastner
Hennessy & Roach


  • The John Marshall Law School, J.D., June 2005
  • North Central College, B.A., June 2002
  • Admitted to the Illinois bar in 2005

Professional Affiliations:

  • Illinois State Bar Association

Practice Areas:

  • Defense of Workers’ Compensation cases in Illinois.

Significant Commission/Arbitration Decisions:

Catherine Rodeback v Verizon Wireless: 06 WC 24664; 06 WC 24665; 06 WC 24666; 06 WC 24667

Petitioner claimed repetitive trauma injuries to her bilateral upper extremities due to her work in a call center and filed four claims for compensation. The cases were heard before Arbitrator Kinnaman who found Petitioner did not prove a compensable accident and denied all claims for compensation; Petitioner did not file a review to the Commission.

Bruce Miller v PT Ferro Construction Company: 07 WC 42370

Petitioner alleged bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome from his job duties as a forklift operator. At trial, he argued that he was exposed to vibration for his entire work day, often up to 10 hours per day. The matter proceeded to trial before Arbitrator Falcioni who found Petitioner failed to prove a compensable accident. The Circuit Court confirmed the decision denying benefits.

Jean Mongillo v Cal Sag Plumbing: 08 WC 37355

Petitioner sustained a compensable accident on May 14, 2008 when she tripped over a computer cord. She presented to the Emergency Room and underwent surgery in the form of an open reduction internal fixation for a hip fracture. Subsequent to the surgery, she began a course of treatment with regard to her lumbar spine and ultimately underwent a spinal fusion. At the time of trial, she testified that despite the fact that she was making complaints with regard to her back, her treating physicians ignored those complaints and did not prescribe any treatment for her back until she completed her treatment for her hip. We argued that Petitioner did not require any treatment to her back until after she sustained an accident at home while walking outside her home. The Arbitrator agreed with Petitioner and awarded 45% of the leg and 25% man as a whole and all medical bills and TTD associated with the spinal fusion. On review, we argued that Petitioner sustained an intervening accident and therefore, the need for the spinal fusion was unrelated to the accident on May 14, 2008. The Commission agreed and reversed the Arbitrator’s award for medical, TTD and permanency in the amount of 25% loss of use man as a whole and affirmed the decision with regard to the hip fracture. The Circuit Court confirmed the Commission’s denial.

Martin Stumpf v The City of Highland Park: 11 WC 26015

Petitioner sustained a compensable accident while he was working as a police officer and directing traffic. He underwent surgery for a meniscus tear and was returned to work with restrictions. He ultimately received a duty disability pension and the case was tried after Petitioner rejected an offer of 30% of the leg, indicating his bottom line was 45% loss of use man as a whole. At trial, Petitioner testified that he could not return to work as a police officer due to the work related injury. We argued that his disability was not due to the work related injury and due to a pre-existing, underlying condition. The Arbitrator agreed and awarded 30% of the leg, the Commission affirmed. The matter is currently pending in the Circuit Court.

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