General Liability and Civil Litigation

At Hennessy & Roach, we recognize that the legal industry is a very competitive, service-oriented business. We are an aggressive, enthusiastic firm that protects its clients’ interests thoroughly and efficiently. We strive to provide our clients with regular, consistent reporting and cost-effective, common sense case management. Our civil litigation attorneys have experience defending a wide range of matters. In addition to numerous jury trials, we have experience with court-ordered arbitration, mediation and alternate dispute resolution.

Construction Law Products Liability

  • Construction contracts and accidents
  • Industrial machinery
  • Kotecki issues/waivers
  • Employer liability
  • Post-Structured Work Act litigation
  • Auto and truck product litigation
  • Consumer products

Commercial Litigation Appellate Practice

  • Breach of contract
  • Civil, State and Federal Appeals
  • Breach of warranty
  • Industrial Commission Appeals
  • products

Premises Liability Insurance Coverage

  • Injuries to customers, tenants, contractors
  • Letters regarding insurance
  • On site security, excessive force, false arrest, coverage, reservation of wrongful detention, patrol duties rights, conflict of interest issues

Employer Liability Tort Litigation

  • Employment Discrimination
  • Professional Liability
  • Third party actions against employers
  • Municipal liability
  • Kotecki issues/waivers
  • Dram shop
  • Recovery of workers compensation liens
  • Property damage
  • General/Subcontractor contract issues
  • Fire loss
  • Retaliatory discharge
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Defamation
  • Intentional Torts

Transportation Litigation

  • Driver negligence in operation of a motor vehicle
  • Negligent hiring, retention and entrustment
  • Willful and wanton hiring, retention and entrustment
  • Compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations on maintenance, inspection, repair, driver and operation issues
  • Negligent hiring, retention and entrustment
  • Component or part failure