The Firm

marquetteHennessy & Roach, P.C. is a Chicago-based general practice law firm with additional offices in Springfield, St. Louis, Missouri, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Indianapolis, Indiana that handles matters throughout these four states. Founded on May 17, 1993, by Thomas G. Hennessy and James P. Roach the firm continues to grow and flourish through its dedication to the following core philosophies.

First, the firm concedes that the Chicago, Springfield, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis legal markets are very competitive. To thrive in these areas, we seek to provide the most efficient and cost-effective legal services in the industry. To do so we stress service inclusive of regular and timely reporting and unparalleled accessibility. The era of the attorney on a pedestal making every decision necessary on a claim without regular and detailed consultation with the client is an anachronism. A law firm is only one of many vendors a client retains in defending its claims and should be held to the same high standards of service demanded of other vendors. At Hennessy & Roach, we strive for and attain that ideal.

Second, the firm does not follow a single defense philosophy. Nobody can know our client’s business as well as our client. Therefore, it is impractical for a law firm with a diverse clientele such as Hennessy & Roach to dictate a single philosophy to all clients in the defense of claims. Instead, we communicate extensively to ascertain each client’s individual defense philosophy, and we strive to uncover the reasons behind that philosophy. With this, we can work with each client to resolve each claim as consistently as possible within each client’s expectations.

Third, the attorneys at Hennessy & Roach take the label ‘Counselors at Law’ seriously. We do not dictate strategies and decisions on claims to our clients. Instead, we ensure that our clients are extensively informed of all relevant facts and law impacting any decisions which need to be made on a claim. Additionally, we ensure that our clients are aware of all their options when making decisions. The ultimate decision, however, is always left up to the client after extensive consultation with the firm.

Fourth, our firm advocates a relationship with our clients that goes beyond simply working on claims. Each attorney is available to discuss legal issues or to provide an initial evaluation by phone on any claim regardless of whether or not the claim has been referred to our office. We are also available to provide seminars on a variety of issues to all of our clients.

Fifth, the firm stresses flexibility to meet the needs and demands of our clients. The size of our firm facilitates easy adaptation to those needs and demands. Our client’s requests can be dealt with immediately since we do not have to take any client issues to a committee. Our energies are expended in complying with client requests, not in meetings discussing those requests. Unlike some larger and older law firms, Hennessy & Roach is not mired in its own bureaucracy when serving the client’s needs.

Sixth, the firm is committed to low file loads. If a defense attorney has an excessive amount of work to complete, he or she cannot provide the type of unsurpassed service that Hennessy & Roach does. The simple solution to this problem is manageable file counts for each attorney. Actions, however, speak louder than words. Our history speaks volumes each time file loads have risen to a level where service to our clients could suffer, we have added a qualified attorney. This ensures that the level of unsurpassed legal services continues uninterrupted.

Lastly, a law firm is only as good as the people it employs. We have worked diligently since the firm’s inception to assemble a team of smart, experienced and hardworking attorneys that share the philosophies discussed above. The firm is acutely aware that while we hope the name Hennessy & Roach evokes a positive image in the claims community, it is the attorneys behind the name that truly make the firm.