Workers’ Compensation 2018 Rate Sheets & Summaries

Rate Sheets

The rate sheets are state specific documents that provide information about what dollar amounts are used to calculate permanent partial disability (PPD) and temporary total disability (TTD) rates for each state.  In addition, the rate sheets include historical information for prior rates and for what period they were applicable.  The rate sheets provide information about how many weeks each part of the body is worth for reference in calculating the permanency of various injuries.  Finally, the rate sheets usually provide other miscellaneous information such as the permanent and total disability rate, special amputation information, and mileage or other jurisdictional information.

State Legal Summaries

The state legal summaries provide an overview of the applicable workers’ compensation laws and general liability laws in each jurisdiction.  They are meant to provide a quick reference to various statutes to assist in determining how to handle certain situations without necessarily consulting an attorney.