Over 65 of the attorneys at Hennessy & Roach, P.C. have dedicated their practices to defending employers before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation, the Wisconsin Labor and Industrial Review Commission, the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission, the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board, the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.  The Firm has worked diligently to develop an infrastructure which allows the Firm to serve as the only “one stop shop” in the Midwest for any workers compensation defense issues that may arise in any of the eight states where the Firm has a presence.

How many defense firms do you currently use in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Indiana and/or Tennessee?  How many different contact attorneys do you work with in all of those jurisdictions?   How many different billable rates are you charged?  How many different formats do these firms use to report to you?  How challenging is it for you to ensure that your company’s core philosophies regarding the defense of workers’ compensation claims is understood and embraced by all of the firms doing your defense work?

Hennessy & Roach provides you with the unique opportunity to retain one Firm and one integrated team to work with to forge and cultivate an effective partnership in managing and defending every aspect of your workers’ compensation cases throughout eight Midwest states.

If simplifying at least one aspect of defending your company’s workers’ compensation claims sounds appealing to you, Hennessy & Roach is uniquely situated to make that happen.

The Firm has assembled a diverse group of experienced, competent, talented and motivated professionals who have fully embraced the service oriented and client driven model that has served as the foundation for the evolution of the Firm from two attorneys in one office in 1993 to what Hennessy & Roach has become today.

We thank all of our clients for their loyalty and support throughout the years and we savor the opportunity to take the first step toward developing those types of long and mutually beneficial relationships with new clients.